Martha's Sampler Club

Why a club?

Because I wanted a freindly feel to this group. A group of people who will have ownership and share the journey as this sampler is produced for you to stitch.

Martha's Sampler Club - FAQ

Why a blog?  Why call it a Club?

Stitchers are essentially a friendly bunch of people.  The end result will be to sell the chart of Martha’s Sampler, and I’d much rather think of those who end up with a chart as Club Members or friends, rather than merely customers.

When will the sampler be for sale?

Your guess is as good as mine.  Now that I have the means to chart Martha’s Sampler, I need to put aside time in my life to get those little x’s down on the screen.  I fully intend to bring you along with me as I discover those hidden gems along the path of discovery.

Who was Martha?

She must have been a formidable woman.  Part of our voyage of discovery will be to try to find out more about the life of this little girl – aged 9 and her adult life.  Perhaps I’ll find out how the Sampler itself travelled from England in 1840 to Australia 2010 – think of that – 170 years of adventure!

How can I put my name down to purchase this Sampler?

Simply join as a follower of this blog.  Followers will be given the first opportunity to purchase Martha’s Sampler when it is ready for sale. 

How will it be released?

I plan to release Martha’s Sampler as a printed chart, numbered and personalized to each individual.  A limited print run will be made and these will be posted via Snail Mail.  It is not my intention to release a pdf of this chart at any time.  I will however, release one or two snippets of the chart – re-worked for ornaments